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The Comnet solutions for Figure Skating are available and in place at all international competitions in Japan. With our wide range of experience we support all levels of competition including the ISU World Championships and the Asian Winter Games. We can provide everything you need for a successful figure skating competition, such as precise result calculation,  TV graphics, outputs for videoboards, installation of CIS at the venue, web CIS service, web site for live result system, etc.



National, Regional

Our Japanese language solution can provide all services in the same way as for international competitions. Also, even for competitions that require special accounting and follow different rules, we can prepare such customized solutions for our systems and support your specific needs as best as we can. Of course, there is no program construction cost associated with it.




Furthermore, even for small local competitions, we can provide the minimum necessary packages and support them with a compact system. For such compact solution the total power consumption is less than 100V 30A, and it can be installed in any venue with only very little special preparations required.

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